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about project cloud 9


Project cloud 9 is born out of love of life, health, fitness and fashion. The project is the search for CLOUD 9, a state of perfect happiness.

But, I came to ask the question :Is there a state of perfect happiness?  Why does everything have to be perfect before we can enjoy the warmth of the sun, the vastness of a big blue sky, raindrops dancing on our heads, a secret smile we catch from a stranger?.... freshly done laundry, newly washed dishes, our pet’s contented snores, a walk around the neighborhood, running into a friend you have not seen in ages… the list goes on.

In an effort to appreciate the small and the most simple things as well as the BIG, Grand moments , I wanted to capture these snapshots of my life and share them with friends and family.  Life is Precious and we should enjoy each moment, the journey – instead of being impatient to get to the end destination.  Because, after all, the end is THE END.