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I Drew A Map of the Universe

I Drew A Map of the Universe

I Drew A Map of the universe


“Faith consists in believing what reason cannot.” 
― Voltaire

Saying Goodbye, but not forever.

Saying goodbye to a person or a place is always hard.  Change is always hard, but if you really think about it, you are not the same person who walked out of your front door this morning.  If you want to get really technical about consciousness, you are not the same person a minute ago.  Many times in my life, when change has occurred, it had not been of my own choosing.  In 2008, I lost my job in a very well-known fashion house right on Madison Avenue because of the financial crash that hit.   In 2001, my mother passed away from lung cancer after a long drawn-out battle.

The changes that have accumulated up to this very moment in my life were paths that I carved out and orchestrated with deliberate intention.  I gave notice to my full time , six figure salaried job working only 4 days a week in New York to teach Pilates more.  I started my blog , www.projectcloud9.com, which I am so proud of.  I am a columnist for The Asbury Park Press, after not writing professionally since I graduated from Rutgers University.  I ended up staying at my New York job part – time, while I taught Pilates full – time.  As many would imagine, those were already enough changes that took place all within the past 4 months.  What else?

My husband and I have an opportunity to live bi-coastally between NJ and Oregon, his home state.  We are making the move to Oregon and will be in New Jersey a little less than part-time.  We will be spending the bulk of our time in Oregon.  I have been visiting Oregon for the past 8 years once or twice a year, but Every thing will pretty much be new to me.  I will have to make new friends, get new Pilates clients, and find new restaurants and special places to enjoy. 

Due to my recent career decisions, I have the opportunity to still work in the world of Fashion for a major fashion company based in NY on a freelance basis.  New doors have also opened to publish a book about my adventures in the fashion industry, which will be released in 2017.  Due to the popularity of my classes at Renaissance Pilates in Red Bank, when I visit, I will be able to participate as a substitute staff.  It really has been a wild ride and it is continuing.


For those who know me well, you know I am a creature of habit and I abhor change and trying new things.  Well, in actuality, that was something that I had kept telling myself in the past.  But in recent years, there was a shift inside of my soul and consciousness.  I purposely would walk a new route from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to my office building.  I would smile and say hello to people who for whatever reason had a scowl on their faces.  I did things that challenged my talent – Pilates being one of them.  I remember taking classes and always feeling weak because I could not straighten my legs due to all the running I do.  I did things differently little by little (one at a time) and I found myself at this very spot, telling you about the things you can do small to impact your life.

We are sometimes not the person we believe ourselves to be.  We are not the “failure”, “shy”, “fearful” person – you fill in the adjective.  Whatever it is, you think you are – you are not that person.  You are so much bigger than the smallness we sometimes feel.

When I first got my Pilates certification, I had reached out to a Yoga studio I had been going to as a client for almost 7 years then.  I wanted to partner with the studio owner to offer Pilates at her studio, but for whatever reason, it just never came to be.  I had felt pretty bummed about it at the time, but now in retrospect, the Universe had bigger plans for me.  I currently teach at Studios I love and have a connection to.  I have clients I could chat away with forever and a day.  Sometimes, no not sometimes – Always.  Always Things happen for a reason.

I am proud to say I will continue my weekly column in The Asbury Park Press - so continue to check out the articles!  I will still be focusing on health, fitness and local businesses that I love.  My blog will continue to run as well – currently at 13,000 visits for the month of October!  I will still focus on all things New Jersey, but you will also get a peek into the other side of the United States!

With loving Gratitude, Step outside of yourself and then ReInvent you

Finding Strength Within

Finding Strength Within

allow yourself to BLOOM ~ Blossoming Soul Therapies

allow yourself to BLOOM ~ Blossoming Soul Therapies