Welcome to my blog. I document my love of health and fitness, food and fashion to share with those who have the same interests.  I hope you Enjoy and welcome comments and feedback...

All things Good

All things Good

All Things Good...

Being Grateful for What IS, Has Been, and Will Be

All of My Favorite things

Finding Truth and Being True to Yourself is the MOST , if not ONLY , important thing in life

Living the Life YOU want, Dreaming the Dreams you want for yourself and Being Kind

Bringing Light to the World, Others and Believing in your own Nature

Smelling the Fall Foliage in the Air, Watching a Squirrel collect his nuts, drinking water from a Glass

Listening to Silence and Enjoying it

Having no plans and not having a need to be doing something, accomplishing another task

Hanging out with my carefree Nieces 

Being Free to be the Child you once were


Nothing beats chocolate-- no matter how healthy you are!

My favorite salad of all time - Nicoise from the Avenue in Long Branch

Does this picture say it all?

I love all my clients - the passion and drive they have to transform their bodies is so inspiring it makes me feel passionate about my own job as a Pilates instructor.

Nature's Beauty can not be beat.  Literally melts my heart.

It's just a tree with apples, but it's so much more.  Infinite beauty in simplicity

Pink is my favorite color.. and I love Hydrangeas!

A Street Cat Named Belle

A Street Cat Named Belle

Finding my Path

Finding my Path