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saturday in pictures

saturday in pictures



Today started out slightly foggy and misty, with rain head on later in the day

By 3pm, the sun was out full force, maybe mid 60s

I took my 3rd Barre3 class this week, we meandered the weekly farmer's market, where I picked up some pickled vegetables from Iddell Dew Gardens (Fall City, Oregon).  These are so good I am literally going through 2 jars a week!

We had a filling lunch at Koriander (http://www.korianderfusion.com/), a Korean  restaurant right in Downtown Corvallis.

After a 3 hour grocery shopping trip with Jay's Grampa (who is 100 years young!), we are back home in front of a heated wood stove, settling in, admiring the big moon that is on its way to being full in 2 days.

Moss on wood bark


Lace like spiderweb

almost squashed this little guy on my run!

almost stepped on this little guy too!


Kale salad and spaghetti squash

Clouds in sky


Salmon Teriyaki for Lunch

Heat stove to keep warm

Gorgeous moon

sunday in pictures

sunday in pictures

a day in pictures

a day in pictures