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An Inspirational Path to Fitness - Renaissance The Studio

An Inspirational Path to Fitness - Renaissance The Studio

Renaissance The Studio - An Interview with Danielle Buccellato, Owner and Founder


Q-How did you get started in Health and Fitness?

Danielle B - I was fortunate to have grown up in health conscience household that always involved some kind of fitness or activity on weekends.  Sports were always a priority for us and my siblings and I were always encouraged to engage in some type of movement, whether it was raking the lawn leaves from our house on a Fall day or engaging in Billy Blanks Tai Bb video in our living room.   After an unfortunate car accident in High School left me with a shattered femur and several other injuries, I was forced to spend many months in rehab to learn how to use my leg again.  This was the moment that changed mypath and from then on, wellness and fitness followed suit in all that I did.

Q – who is your healthy fitness inspiration?

Danielle B - My mother is my healthy fitness inspiration in the real world.  She taught me how to coordinate the moves in a traditional style ‘Jane Fonda’ workout back then and now I teach her how to coordinate her mind and body together in all the concepts that are offered at Renaissance The Studio, such as Pilates.   I love that both my parents, whom are the biggest inspiration in my life, attend our classes every day.  It shows to others that we cater classes to ALL levels of fitness and ages and that any one can partake in them.


Q-As an instructor, what are you most passionate about?

Danielle B - I am most passionate about feeding the energy to my students with a positive and authentic message.   No matter where I am in my life and what external noise is circling around me, I always manage to stay internal with my students and while I am teaching.  The moment the music begins, all else dissipates and life turns suddenly on just them.  I love this moment..  This passion drives me to love what I do more with each passing day.


Q-As a Businesswoman, what drives you the most?

Danielle B - Three things come to mind. 

One, being a women business owner makes me most proud and fuels me most.  Having the business sense is a family trait that I have been exposed to all of my life, which has given me the opportunity to manage my businesses.  The fact that I am a women, makes me more tenacious to succeed the visions. 

Second, seeing the positive change both mentally and physically in my students after a decade of dedicating thousands of hours to serve others is what continues to drive me.

Third, knowing that my now 7 year old daughter Eva Rose, (who grew up almost daily with me in my first  Pilates studio in Hoboken, NJ)  has been influenced by hard work and an entrpuneurial upbringing..  She sees first hand that loving what you do is the MOST important aspect of a happy life outside the home.

Q- Tell me about bodyArt

Danielle B - bodyART® by Robert Steinbacher came into my life several years ago when I was searching for that one practice of movement that would bring everything I believed in,  full circle. My Red Bank location was opening and the class programming consisted of Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Flexibility, Dance Cardio and Cardio Strength concepts.   However, none offered all components as ONE and I was looking to somehow condense the best of all benefits into one hour.   bodyART® peeked my interest at an ECA Convention and Trade Show in NYC when it was presented with “Best International Concept Award” by ECA EBOW. The practice is a harmonious blend of Strength, Cardio and flexibility training that follows 5 energy Phases that align with the Chinese Philosophy:  Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water.    The birth of bodyART came over 20 years ago from a Swiss born physiotherapist named Robert Steinbacher.  It has spread to dozens of countries with thousands of certified instructors and more following suit.   In2015, I had the opportunity to join forces with creator, Robert and the International leader Julia Przybilka to form the company,  bodyART Americas.   I am now the CEO of the company and currently head the education for bodyART in North and South America.   The class bodyART ORIGINAL®, bodyART® FLOW, bodyART® STRETCH, bodyART DEEPWORK and bodyART® BAX(to name a few) are now all an integral part of the Renaissance programming and The Studio is now the states first Affilitate Hub.   Many other bodyART hubs are opening in select cities around the country.


Q- What are the benefits of bodyArt versus any other type of exercise?

Danielle B - bodyART is Strength, Flexibility and Cardiovascular all in one.   bodyART is Yin. bodyART is Yang.   Blending both brings the principles together while offering a sense of balance to all individuals that partake in it.  The balance of bodyART® is the biggest message and most noteworthy benefit.  Some students express bodyART as: Martial Arts meets Modern Dance.  Some convey it as a Tai Chi with Yoga like movements.  Others describe it as the most well-rounded and intelligent art form that has ever been practiced physically.  I call it spiritually energetic, where the internal goes to a place that mind is  first and foremost and the external finds the connection to the muscle.

As the creator Robert Steinbacher says, “One must experience bodyART to understand it.”    Best of all, anyone can do it!


Q- How can people stay fit during the busy holiday season?

Danielle B - I always advise my students to use their common sense and strive to keep the balance.  Holidays are a time of celebration, family and love.   However, fitness and healthy eating habits can feel even more rewarding when the balance of both are present.   For me?  I do not diet and I do not deprive.  I love every morsel of delicious food as long as it’s a healthy choice that makes me feel good after digesting it.  Stay motivated by moving. Make time to exercise just as you make time to watch your favorite TV show.  Make time to eat healthy and eat often.   Raise a glass and cheers from time to time.  Love the times you are together with family and friends.   Bring the YIN every where you go, along with the Yang.   Balance it the key to happiness in all that we do!


Q- What differentiates Renaissance from any other studio?

Danielle B - Renaissance The Studio is a boutique fitness studio with more than 85 weekly classes.  The special aspect that sets the studio apart is the encouraging team of instructors that take each and every student in by the hand and as an individual.  I am most proud of the exceptional team of instructors here and the community that has been built because of it.   Lives have changed forever here and that is a pretty special feeling!


Q - What are new offerings at the studio you would like to highlight?  Anything else you would like to promote, please let me know and put it here.

Danielle B - The Studio has quite a diverse menu of classes, from Small group training on the Pilates apparatus to Cardio Strength classes that use stability balls to increase core strength and vibrational rods names STABY to rehab shoulder injuries and increase overall mobility.   Currently, The studio is branding new class concepts such as rBarre, a ballet infused class that incorporates balance props at the Barre such as foam rollers and Bosu Balls.   The rCardio Strength, Tabata, deepWORK and BAX classes offered are more on the YANG side of plyometric training, while the rBand, Flexibility and Yoga classes offered represent more YIN.    bodyART® being the most balanced practice of all represents both.  The class programming is designed for the participant in mind.  Change it up every day.  Move your mind and your muscles in a new way each time you come here.  Whether it be Pilates on Monday and a cardio Strength class on Tuesday to a Flexible Yoga class on Wednesday..

My motto in life and how I live it is similar to the programing options offered here.  A rock is forever changing, and your choice of daily movement should represent that living too!”


For more information on bodyART, visit www.bodyartamericas.com

For a complete list of classes at Renaissance The Studio, please visit www.renaissancethestudio.com



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