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Saturday in pictures

Saturday in pictures

The Saturday before Thanksgiving has me nostalgic for the many Thanksgivings we spent with my sister and her family, with the frenetic hustle and bustle of a house with many visitors, a barking sheltie,  and excited, chatty nieces.  

This year it will be just Jay and myself up on the hill.  Jay's Grampa is coming for dinner, so it will be us three and our "kids" - Coco Chanel, our 13 year old shih tzu and Belle, our 11 year old street cat.  A much quieter Thanksgiving for sure...  I will miss the rituals of years past, but this is a new tradition we are making, a new adventure to embrace.

Follow me on Saturday's adventure...


These sneakers do the work-  it's been raining for 7 days straight and they hold up during my runs

Heading out in the morning for some hill running.  Good morning beautiful earth!

View from the dining room.. frequently the deer like to come to this spot for the apples falling off the apple tree

Can't beat a light almond cake and jam after a long run

Homemade lunch - all ingredients purchased from the local farm market

Chasing the sun in the afternoon

Farmers market

Taste testing the many jellies 

Holiday bouquet from the market

Oh I see you Moon! Good night.  Thank you for another glorious day

Quick 20 minute workout to Tone and Strengthen the Core

Quick 20 minute workout to Tone and Strengthen the Core

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks