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A day in pictures- saying good bye to another year

A day in pictures- saying good bye to another year

Hi There.  Old friend - Father time-- 

Another 12 months have passed and yet it feels like more than a year that has gone by

As we all reflect on the past year, how do you feel?  What are things that have gone well and not so well?  What changes have you made throughout the year that makes your heart sing?  What has made you sad?  Are there any regrets you have about the way you conducted yourself this year?  Is it too late to change and correct what you realize is a mistake?

Did you scream at someone you love out of frustration?  Were you overwhelmed sometimes with fear over the changing landscape of your life? 

Did you let go of friends who no longer reflected the person you are today?  Was there a diet or exercise routine you tried that really worked and resonated with you?

What is next in this adventure we call life?  Who do you count on for everything, without hesitation?  Is there someone or something you let go of?  Do you miss them?  Do you miss a routine you once had?

What is your next move- where to go from here?  Do your shoes still fit the same this moment compared to the beginning of last year?  Are you thinking big enough for yourself or are you thinking too small and not growing?  Are challenges too much right now?  Is it okay to wait until tomorrow?

Did people disappoint you this year?  Did you disappoint yourself? someone else?

Think about all of these questions once and then let them go.  Let the sun inside to begin anew - another year.  Make it the best it can be.  Let your heart sing, allow your voice to be heard, love someone more than they love you.  Go ahead. Live. One day it will be too late.

A drive out to the Oregon Coast for lunch

Cape Perpetua - Phenomenal views

Seal Rock

Gentle beauty of nature

This solitary leaf reminded me of a lady bug

My Favorite - Nicoise Salad at Local Ocean Seafood.  The boats catch the fish right across the street

Grilled Calamari salad

Beauty in simplicity

selfie attack!

Toast to good health!

Toast to good health!

Hygge - The art of Cozy

Hygge - The art of Cozy