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following your passion

following your passion

I have been commuting to New York City for the past 17 years, working in the fashion industry.

Throughout the years, my positions have changed from creative to crunching numbers, to creative again and then back to more working with numbers/ analytical -based.

I have worked for major companies such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein Jeans and Brooks Brothers to smaller companies known as private label/ manufacturers that work with major retailers. I have managed accounts with Macy’s, Kohls and Sam’s Club.

I fell into fashion not because I studied it in college, but because I literally “fell into it”.  I graduated with a double major in Journalism and Communications/ Public Relations from Rutgers University.  While I applied to Journalism jobs, I realized that I did not want to earn the wages of a journalist!  So, I answered an ad on Monster.com for an Assistant Buyer position at Brooks Brothers.  And so began my life in the fashion industry .. along with the commute.

The commute did not always bother me.  I must say for the first 10 years I loved it.  At some of the companies where I worked, I would work 14 hour days, and take a car service home at 11pm.  That included Friday nights on occasion too.  The jobs came with no proper lunch time and transitioned to “working through lunch” with meetings and so forth as I climbed up the never – ending corporate ladder.

 I wish I could tell you that “recently” the commute and the image of a big corporate job in NYC has gotten to me, but really for quite some time my heart has been somewhere else.  For those of you who feel unfulfilled- you know the feeling.  It is a feeling of “just existing”,   which is different than “just being”.  The torrent of commuters who are in RUSH, RUSH mode can affect the most placid person.  If you are walking too slow, people will speed by you giving you a dirty look.  Like they are wondering, What’s wrong with you!  On some occasions, they might “accidentally” push to swipe past you.  Yet, if you walk too fast, there are those that will increase their pace like you two are in competition to see who can get to their small depressing cubicle first.

It is a life that has afforded me the luxury of monthly facials, weekly massages, endless shopping trips to purchase my coveted Louis Vuitton bags and my endless pairs of leggings and workout gear.  It is a big paycheck that has allowed me to order not one , but two entrees on most occasions whether or not I finish both when dining out.

But I have recently realized it comes at a price.  I return to the comfort of my home to see my lovely cat and dog and husband not usually before 8pm.  I can be home by 7:30pm on a rare occasion.  That’s not so bad – except my day starts at 4am when I begin my run and then head into NYC around 6:30am.  Whenever I think about getting out, I try to rationalize – I only commute into NYC 4 days a week.  I get to teach Pilates on Saturdays and Sundays, which I love.  Isn’t that ENOUGH?

For most people work is work.  It’s not meant to be enjoyable….right??

But then there’s always a tiny voice that whispers : “There are plenty of people who do what they LOVE.  They take risks, though.”  They risk everything with a knowing that they will be ok no matter what they do.  They are so passionate about what they are meant to do in life, they relinquish everything to follow their “True North”. 

How about you?

Where are you at?  Did you leave a stable job or career to pursue your passion?  Or are you at the same impasse as myself?  Are those that follow their passion mere dreamers who will one day look back and regret leaving stability for the unknown?

 Wherever you are today, know that we have but one life.  A life to be lived fulfilled, always dreaming, loving and being kind to others.

I would love to hear about your journey.  Please contact me to share!

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