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See the Potential

See the Potential



I came to my passion for Pilates through a running injury six years ago.  I had a fracture in my pelvis and I had to find some form of exercise to channel my energy.  I had been doing Yoga at the time, but with the fractured pelvis, I really could not even do Yoga.  The sequences called for flexibility which I just could not do without causing more injury. 

So, I started doing private lessons with a Pilates instructor.  We worked on the Reformer, the Chair, the Cadillac and some Mat work.  I saw that my body was changing – getting longer, leaner and more toned – even without cardio exercise!

It was amazing.  Pilates strengthened my pelvis and eventually I was able to return to running after a long 6 months of no impact exercise.  So it was no surprise once I went back to running, I continued to practice Pilates.

I loved Pilates, but it was hard for me.  As a runner and spin-enthusiast, I was using the same muscles over and over again, which really caused my entire body to be quite stiff. Pilates challenged my core, which you can have a weak core even if you run and exercise.  Also, because I had tight hip flexors, it was hard for me to straighten my legs in Pilates exercises.  The Reformer really helped me to stretch out parts of my body and limbs which needed it. 

When I finally decided to get certified in Pilates, I never imagined I would become an instructor.  My initial intention was to get certified so that I could understand whether or not I was doing these exercises correctly.  Once I did get certified though, there was an inquisitive curiosity that awakened within me.  Could I teach? Was it possible? 

I had never really taught classes or anything large scale like that.  I trained assistants and interns in my corporate job, but I never taught exercising.  It was a brand new world to me.

I really had my doubts – my own voice that said I didn’t know what I was doing, that I didn’t have the background.

We are all different, but we are the same aren’t we?  We all question our own capabilities for greatness and have a tendency to squash our dreams before we even get started sometimes.

It just takes one small thought to allow a sliver of light to crack through the barrier.  The light gets in and we see the potential.  SEE THE POTENTIAL.  See the potential in all you do.  See the potential in the broken car, the lost job, the illness, the ….. well, the list goes on.   What is the situation telling us?  What are we supposed to learn from the misfortune?  If we can harness the potential in the situation, we have the power to transform our everyday, ordinary lives.

Today I am a Pilates teacher and I love teaching.  I love sharing my passion with others and helping them to find their potential through health and fitness.  I would not be doing this today if I hadn't gotten over all the reasons I could not and saw the potential that I COULD.

I hope you see the potential in your life today.

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following your passion

following your passion