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Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, a non-profit health and yoga retreat, is located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  The center focuses on holistic health and education on a beautiful sprawling campus surrounded by nature.  Recently Kripalu added the Annex to their original 165,000 square foot building.  The rooms in the Annex are private rooms with private bathrooms.  Other accomodations are dorm style rooms with shared bathrooms.  This definitely is not the lap of luxury like the nearby Canyon Ranch.  That being said, Kripalu has a charm all her own.

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I have a list of TOP 10 Things to do at Kripalu:

1.       Participating in Silent breakfast.  I thought I was going to have a hard time with this one, but when I actually did it, I enjoyed it.  It allowed me to focus on my surroundings, watching people, and feel the taste of food in my mouth.  The dining room does an excellent job with preparing the food – it is delicious!

2.       Walk down to the Beach.  The Beach was beautiful when I finally got the chance to walk down.  It is about a 20 minute walk from the main building, but once you get down there the view is phenomenal.  A wave of peace washed over me…

3.       Participate in the Yoga classes. There are Yoga classes offered twice a day – once in the morning and another in the afternoon.  During both times, there are four options –  Gentle, Beginner, Intermediate, Vinyasa.  I liked this a lot because your body changes from day to day and  don’t have to take a hard class if that is not what you are looking for that day.  The Yoga classes get pretty packed, so arrive about 15 minutes early.

4.       Take one of the personal development classes.  If you are not there for a workshop, definitely take a personal development class!  They are structured so that anyone who is inquisitive can participate and enjoy them.

5.       Visit the gift shop.  The shop is loaded with  many special high quality merchandise.  I love the fact that they stock product that is used at the Healing Arts studio, which is the wellness/ spa area.  I purchased a Sarada Tridoshic Body & Massage Oil which was used in my body treatment.  The scent is light and made with over 88 herbs over a period of a month through an intensive process. 

6.       Book a treatment at Healing Arts.  I booked the Ayurvedic Body Treatment ($180 for 90 minutes) and it was simply AMAZING!  The practitioners are professional and experienced. 

7.       Make use of the sauna and steam room.  Basic no frills facility, but very clean and especially relaxing after a day of running and yoga.

8.       Enjoy nature.  Take many walks and meander around the campus.  One walk led me to the Labrynth and another to the Mediation Garden, which is beautiful.

9.       Reach out to strangers, Create friendships.  There were so many interesting people on different life paths that I met.  Even though I will most likely not pass their paths again, it was lovely to step outside of myself and reach out to strangers to create friendships.

10.   Walk on the grass. For the majority of my stay, every time I walked outside, I would take off my flipflops and feel my bare feet on the grass.  At first, it felt strange.  Then it felt very mindful, with the blades of grass pushing on my skin.

Map of Gratitude

Map of Gratitude

See the Potential

See the Potential