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a perfect day

a perfect day

All Days might not be perfect, but I try to stay grounded and find the lesson I am supposed to learn when something is not going my way.  Instead of resisting and pushing to get a situation to fit neatly into my puzzle, I allow for the unexpected and work with the present moment.  Don't think of it as giving up or throwing in the towel.  Rather, surrender to the moment and change the way to process the situation from another viewpoint.  Many times, I find this allows me to gain new perspective ... That being said, Yesterday was a Perfect day.. Like all days are perfect days depending on how we choose to see them..


Lunch at the Avenue in Long Branch - My favorite dish - Tuna Nicoise .. I get this every time!

This brussel Sprouts dish is a Seasonal special at Avenue -- Must try!

Getting ready for my photo shoot on the Beach 

Thank you Crane&Lion for coming up with such a stylish and functional water-resistant rain jacket!  To Purchase, go to http://craneandlion.com/

Your first purchase is 20% off

This jacket has a hood, which you can easily zip back in if you don't want it out

Love the slightly longer back of the jacket!

Zipping up

Yes! Really windy here!

I love the color and fit of this vest purchased from Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness, Alo leggings, Nike LunarGlides (which are the ONLY sneakers I run in for the past 7 years)

Taking time to enjoy the beauty of a simple flower

Loving these Chandelier earrings - light and dainty - from Jovi in Newport, Oregon

Home in time to give my 13 year old shih tzu - Coco Chanel- plenty of belly rubs

the kindness of strangers

the kindness of strangers

This.Shake.Is.DELICIOUS!~ Vanilla Pumpkin Latte

This.Shake.Is.DELICIOUS!~ Vanilla Pumpkin Latte