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An Interview with Amy Rubottom, owner of Nikki Jane's, Newberg, Oregon

An Interview with Amy Rubottom, owner of Nikki Jane's, Newberg, Oregon

Amy's energy is contagious.  When we visited her shop, not only was she friendly and helpful, I could really feel the passion she has for her business. She spoke about her merchandise with excitement and genuine enthusiasm.  I love when I see people that are living their passion - it inspires others to do the same.

Nikki Jane's is located in Newberg, Oregon, but the good news is she has a shop online!  Check out her website: 


- How did you come to name your store Nikki Jane's?

Amy - We named the store Nikki Jane's after my first daughter - Nikki Jane! We
thought she had a cute and stylish name and upon asking our friends our
top choices for shop names, they all chose Nikki Jane's! She was almost 4
at the time and is now 13!

-What is your best selling top?  Best selling accessory?

Amy - For sure, our best selling accessory would be necklaces! We strive to find
different pieces at fabulous price points therefore making it very
affordable to update any outfit!

 -What do you enjoy most about what you do?-How do you know what items to take a chance on and know your clients will
like the product?

Amy -I absolutly love my job. I'm glad its done well and we've been able to
stay open for all these years! Being creative and putting together outfits
for people is what I love.
As for buying at market, I was told some good advice from a friend who
owned a boutique in Washington. And that was, always buy what you love so
you are passionate about it. I still do that today. I love everything in
my shop. Now that doesn't mean I buy everything that is 'my style' or
'looks good on me'. I can definitly be passionate about different styles
that I won't wear because its not right for my body style, but I can still
appreciate it and put it on someone it looks good on!

 -What differentiates your shop from another boutique?

Amy - What makes my shop different is customer service and price. I really try
and price things as reasonably as possible. People are often surprised
about the stylish, soft, wearable, and also the super quality of our
clothing as they see the price and are like 'really?'. Its fun! I also
pride ourselves as giving great customer service. My employees and I
absolutley love helping people ....whether its finding the right pair of
jeans....or putting together an outfit for a party...or as simple as
finding that perfect accessory they need for a dress they already own!

An assortment of accessories to pair back with the well-curated clothing assortment at Nikki Jane's!

I fell in love with this Antique chandelier in Amy's store.  You can't miss it!  It's Gorgeous

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