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The MAF Method interview Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my very Amazing and informative interview with Dr. Maffetone.


If you have not yet listened to the first one, take a listen!  Really gets the facts straight about nutrition and exercise.

Enjoy! - I welcome your feedback and comments.


Dr. Phil Maffetone has been around since the 70s and 80s, coaching the elite athletes of the world as well as having worked  with famous musicians such as James Taylor and Johnny Cash.

In “Natural Born Hereos” by Christopher McDougall, a popular book for runners, an entire chapter is devoted to Dr. Maffetone’s Method for Nutrition and Training.  Dr. Maffetone coached Stu Mittleman, one of the most famous ultra runners in the world (he once ran 571 miles in six days) as well as tri-athlete legend Mark Allen who won 6 Ironmans.

Back before it became popular to quit sugar and reduce carbohydrates, Dr. Maffetone was teaching exactly that message to anyone who would listen.

I was SUPER EXCITED to do this interview with Dr. Maffetone.  He really gets the facts straight about nutrition in this interview.  A lot of the media is sensationalizing diet and nutrition, making the topic another trendy headline with no substance.  Take a listen - I hope you walk away with more information than you came with..  I know I did.

Check out Dr. Maffetone's website & look for Part 2 of the interview later in the week!


His Book Endurance Training and Racing is an absolute Must Read! Also, the recipes on his website are all easy and totally delicious!

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