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A Day in the Life of .... Denise Weber Haun - Pilates studio owner, mom and so much more!

A Day in the Life of .... Denise Weber Haun - Pilates studio owner, mom and so much more!

A Day in the Life..

It might be the curious journalist in me, but I love learning about how other people spend their days and free time...it gives me ideas and insight into trying new things for myself... so you will probably see this format again.. stay tuned.


Denise Weber Haun owns Pilates on the Edge West in Freehold, NJ.  Denise's extensive background includes training in TRX SuspensionTraining,  MVe®  Chair,  BOSU®  Studio Pilates,  Sole Training® and Total Barre.™ 

Denise is certified in  the pinkribbonprogram.com  (Post-Operative Workout Enhancing Recovery) and has been awarded the status of Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health.


***What is your Wake up time?

Denise - Depending on clients anywhere from 5:30 - 7

***What is your Morning Ritual?

Denise - I do the same thing every morning….get up shower, empty dishwasher, eat breakfast and go to work.


Denise - eggs and fruit or gluten free toast with almond butter and banana

*** Tell me about yourWork Routine

Denise - I go to a trainer, on Monday and Wednesday’s and we do a bootcamp workout.  Tuesday and Thursday is usually Pilates and I do two days on a Peloton spin bike I have at home where I do on demand classes or live classes.

***What are some of the Challenges you face as an Entrepreneur with a Family?  Has it ever been a conflict for you?

Denise - When I opened almost 7 years ago it was more challenging trying to make baseball and soccer games and sometimes missing them to work which was disappointing.   But now that they are in Grad school and college it’s much easier.

***What is the #1 thing your Clients are looking for when they come to you/ your studio?

Denise - My clients like that I am a small studio so it’s not crowded and of course a great workout.


Denise - Some sort of big salad and a piece of fruit


Denise - celery and hummus, apple and almond butter or some cheese and nuts

***What Energizes you Mid- Day?

Denise - Usually my workout energizes me but sometimes I am not going to lie coffee or dark chocolate!

***If you could have a perfect day, what would it be?

Denise - A perfect day would be having a day of clients then working out and coming home to a clean house, laundry done and dinner served to me and cleaned up!

***What is Wise advice you can offer to Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

Denise - Make sure you love what you are doing and know what you are getting into.  I love teaching Pilates but it’s not just about teaching you are running a business which comes with all different challenges.  Talk to people in your field to get advice on how they run their business.  And remember to let go of some of the issues you can’t control and you have to know when you have had enough.  It’s ok to say no once in awhile.

***What is your Dinner Tradition? 

Denise - We like to have dinner as a family, cell phones away and conversation.

***How do you like to End your day?

Denise - After work at night I usually come home and just watch something mindless on tv so I don’t have to think.

***What do you look forward to tomorrow before going to sleep? 

Denise -  some days my workout or what kind of project I am doing at home.  

For more information:

Pilates on the Edge West

1000 W Main Street, Freehold,

Monmouth County NJ. 07728







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