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Tony Jones Photography ~ an Interview

Tony Jones Photography ~ an Interview

Tony Jones produces the most beautiful photography, born out of passion and a love of nature.  Tony was a photographer on the East Coast for over a decade before posting a video at the end of February 2016 on youtube, which quickly received over 1 million views in less than 24 hours.  After 48 hours, the video had 2 million views.  From there, the rest is history as they say...

Here I had the opportunity to work with Tony on this Q&A about his story and his company, Tony Jones Photography.  If you haven't looked on this phenomenal website yet, what are you waiting for :http://www.tonyjonesphotography.com/

Q:  You have an amazing story.  Exactly a year ago in February 2016, you posted an video on You-Tube which catapulted you to fame- over 2million views.  How did you do this?  Did you ever think it would blow up like that?? A video of you and your dog?  Seems kind of random and silly, right?


TJ : My story is interesting but I'm not sold on how amazing it is yet, thank you though. That day I had just gotten back from a photo shoot out of town and I still had the creative juices flowing and I had just picked up some dinner and my dog has always done that thing while I eat, still does, and it becomes a game. I don't allow him to beg but he knows he's getting something. I had no idea it was going to be as popular as it was. I'm a media guy so I'm always taking pictures or video of some kind and nothing like that had happened previously so it was all unexpected. It got 1 million hits within the first 24 hours, then another million the second day and then another million over the course of a week and kind of petered out there. Of course it's silly, but you have to enjoy life so I make sure I do

Q:  What were you doing at that time, before then?  Where you working in Photography?

TJ : I've been a photographer for the better part of a decade now

Q:  Tell me about moving to the Northwest after living on the east coast your entire life.  Why the northwest?  Why Corvallis? / Willamette valley?

TJ : I came through Oregon in April on a road trip to Seattle with a friend of mine and we only stayed for a day but I fell in love with the landscape here. It's so beautiful. Corvallis specifically?  No rhyme or reason except that it's sort of in the middle of the state along i5. So it's convenient to south or north Oregon without having to do much driving

Q:  What are some of your favorite hang outs here/ places you frequent?

TJ : I don't really hangout anywhere except the mountains. I don't know many people and I'm not much of a drinker so it makes things a bit difficult to make friends as an adult in a college town.  I recently discovered Rivas and who doesn't love Mexican food 24 hours a day?!

Q:  What are the differences of living here vs. east coast?

TJ : The weather has been pretty different. Smaller population. People here are less aggressive in attitude.

Q:  Tell more about Tony Jones Photography.  On your website, you describe yourself as an emotional based photographer.. what does that mean?

TJ : Emotion meaning I direct and help coach to get a specific emotion across. I take pictures like a director films you. I coach and encourage and get that emotion out of you. I want to feel something. I don't like the smile and look at the camera approach. I like to connect with my clients or my work. 

Q:  What are you hoping to achieve through your business?  What are some of the challenges and things you enjoy about what you do?

TJ : I've spent my entire career doing portrait work and I moved to the Pacific Northwest to work on a book of landscapes. While I am still open to portrait work my goal is to now put out the most extensive collection of images of this area ever. In the mean time I am still open for business to help fund this business venture. With portraiture the challenges are creating something that the client wants. I need to capture your vision or to give you my vision and change your mind. I love being able to tell a story through a single still image.

Q:  Tell me anything I have not asked which you wish to talk about here:

TJ : I encourage more people to volunteer, to become closer to one's community. Today it's them needing help, tomorrow it could be you.

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