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Homage to a Run


Through the fields I run

Silent and free

Through the sun

I run until empty

Under the brilliant sky

Within the good earth

Each foot step unbroken

In pattern as the first


Thoughts arise and they die

Murdered by a bird’s voice

Tearing through mud and rain

Hungry for awareness

Words just can’t sustain

There’s the sun rise:

Homage to another potential: this day.

Moving gentle as the trees

Dance their sway


Planning a day. Planning a life

On this sun day run

Knowing we are but the infinite

Come, come undone

Breathing in the richness of gold in the air

Of those sorrows,

Yet without a care

The richness of the morning

Full and ripe

Just like this.

Heart swells with LOVE.




I thought I saw you

But it was only a glare

I thought I knew

But I wasn’t aware


I believed it was true

And those words are right

I believed in the lies

Of the moonlight


I spoke those words

Dry and sad

I spoke to you

Yet you didn’t hear

I asked to stop the car

So we can step in the rain

I asked. So that.

We can begin again


Learning to be

This past week

I sit within myself

These restless hours

Needn’t be so cruel


This past recent

I reside within walls

Of nothing

And just be


This past day

I swam with no thing

Being acquainted

With my own being – ness


This past hour

I drank a glass of water

Listening to the sound

That is to be alive


This past second

My head spun with boredom

And I finally.

Had to face myself



Meditation to Support good health

Meditation to Support good health

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Crossfit Newbie