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Dream Chasers

Dream Chasers

A year ago this month, I started this very blog Project Cloud 9! Today there are over 100k hits per month on Project Cloud 9.  So many things have happened since last August... I am a successful and profitable Pilates studio owner, I am an Oregon resident, I am writing for USA Today and The Asbury Park Press in addition to being featured in all the syndicated newspapers.

I have traveled to Maui, I was a guest blogger for ED, I embraced the Ketogenic diet for almost a year, I have developed special friendships and ....the list goes on.

The year ahead means I will be teaching many hours at the studio I am proud to call my own :Studio Cloud 9 (www.studiocloud9pilates.com).  My passion for my clients and teaching the benefits of Pilates remains true even now as I teach back to back classes, hustling to market and promote the studio. It is a lot of hard work, but I enjoy it. This week, one of my private clients got measured and she lost 5 inches off her body! My other private client lost over 12 pounds in just about 2 months.  Other clients comment on the strength they have developed in taking Pilates classes.  They thank me and attribute it to the studio, but beyond that I credit their dedication and commitment to their own health that created the improvements to their health.  I am just along for the ride, grateful to be of service to a community of people I love.

Recently personal events led me to question the goodness of the people who are meant to be supportive of us and those we call our extended family.  These events created distress and feelings of betrayal, but it is through writing I find cathartic release. It is through journaling that I am able to express the deepest and darkest of emotions which are for no one else's eyes but my own. The violation of personal property is never okay in my opinion. The event initially devastated me and left me broken with anger and resentment. 

When I finally decided to shift gears and take a deeper look, I found support from The Universe, strangers, old friends and new friends, as well as of course my dear family.  It is in times of distress we learn more about ourselves than others. At the end of the day, we can and will only be responsible for our own actions. What others think of us have no bearing on the actual person we are, or who we become.

This brought me back to the original reason I started this blog - to break away from conventional thinking, judgement and fear.

Here I sit before you a year later, still chasing my dream.  Who knows where I will be next August - all I can remember is Newton's Law of Motion:

"an object at rest tends to stay in rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion"

Ask yourself if you would rather be at rest or on the move.

These pictures are of a delightful Airbnb Tiny Home in Corvallis, Oregon owned by Shannon Corbin.


on kindness

on kindness

Benefits of Pilates for Seniors

Benefits of Pilates for Seniors