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Senreve - the Ultimate IT bag

Senreve - the Ultimate IT bag

It’s no secret that a handbag is a prized and beloved item for most women.  Not only does it have to look appealing, it also must be practical and keep us organized.  For as long as I can remember, I had two favorite brands when it came to handbags: Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  I favored Gucci because that was always what my mom would carry. Oftentimes, it was her big treat to herself.  As I became a young professional commuting to New York City, I was always envious and drawn towards women (and men alike) who wore the badge of Louis Vuitton, a representation of status and power.  So of course, whenever I carry my LV’s I have that feeling of invincibility.  

More recently I discovered a brand that I absolutely adore that is well below the price points of the aforementioned, with superior quality and presentation.  I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed one day when I saw an ad for Senreve, and the clean lines of their signature Maestra ($895) bag caught my eye.  Made of Italian water-resistant genuine leather, the bag can be worn 4 different ways: Over-the-shoulder, slung over the arm, as a crossbody and my favorite: as a backpack.  Made in Italy by craftsmen who have been working with top luxury brands for over 50 years, the interior of the bag is stain-resistant micro-suede.  Maestra, the best-selling bag, can fit a 13” laptop in the pocket and 15” laptop in the large compartment and has a full-zipper on top for security.

I put out hints to my husband this would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and fortunately, he picked up on some clues! My Maestra in the Blush color arrived beautifully packaged in it’s own dustbag and box, tied with a beautiful black ribbon.

The Maestra also comes in a smaller, mini version ($695) which is super convenient if you are looking to lighten the load.  The Maestra and the mini Maestra come in over 10 shades to choose from.

Even though the Maestra is Senreve’s signature bag, the company offers an entire line of versatile, yet fashionable bags that combine function with design: The Doctor Bag ($895) can be worn 3 ways (over-the-shoulder, slung over the arm, or as a crossbody) and transitions easily from gym to work to a night out on the town.  The pebbled leather has a softer finish and is scratch-resistant while remaining smooth.  The bag comes with a removable crossbody strap.  The Doctor bag comes in 9 color options.

The Crossbody bag ($495) is the ultimate transformative bag, smartly designed with swappable chain and leather straps to be used either for a casual day out or a nighttime event.  The bag can be worn 4 different ways: Over-the shoulder (leather or chain), as a crossbody (leather or chain), clutch (without straps) or a decorative wristlet. With 9 colors to choose from and versatility to match, the Crossbody is a must-have for spring.

The convenience factor of all Senreve bags adds to the quality and value of the brand.  Whether using these bags for work, play or vacation, the quality, beautiful design and functional aspect make them well worth the money.

Senreve co-founders Coral Chung and Wendy Wen were rising corporate professionals searching for the perfect luxury handbag that was beautiful and feminine, yet versatile enough to be functional in their daily lives when they discovered most designer bags didn’t meet all these needs and were at price points most people could not afford. After visiting and meeting manufacturers from around the world, Ms. Chung and Ms. Wen decided to partner with a multi-generational family owned factory in Italy that does extremely high quality small batch manufacturing. What distinguishes Senreve from other brands is they take time and pride in every bag that they make and do not mass produce products in low cost countries.  In the world of “fast fashion” churning out products on the cheap, this is another reason to love this company.

The company plans to launch a showroom in San Francisco in the near-future where they will host events, appointments with customers, and meetings with partners and press.  They also plan to offer customization and personalization such as monogramming and one-of-a-kind special orders.

Senreve's elegant style, quality leather, and beautiful color options make them the next luxury “IT” bag.  Along with the beauty, however, also comes function, which is why I love the Maestra.

The bags and totes range from $125 to $895.  For more information, visit https://www.senreve.com/


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