October Project Cloud 9 Box Option 2

October Project Cloud 9 Box Option 2


Option 2:

2 packs of Vega Protein Powder - One is a protein shake post workout.  The other is a Meal replacement - still only 170 calories.

Retail: $3.99 each

Fair Winds Acres Soap - Love the clean scent and love the fact this is made in small batches by a local farmer in Corvallis, Oregon.  Support small businesses who make products with love instead of purchasing mass produced items.

Retail: Price varies dependent on weight

Eggwhite Soap- Made in Belgium and love the scent.  Facial soap made of chamomile

Retail: $6

Herban Essentials - Face and Body wipes in Eucalyptus.  Love these to refresh in the morning after a workout or mid -day!

Retail: $18 for a bag of 20

Lavender Sachet - Purchased in Oregon Farmers Market.  I bought so many and have one I stash in my purse, and another under my pillow.  Get your own here!

Retail: $9

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